Strong viable schools lead to the future success of every community. The May Sands Montessori School continues to maintain an A+ rating as a public school of choice, as well as its High Performing Charter School status.   May Sands Montessori School fulfills its mission through offering a rigorous – yet developmentally appropriate curriculum, by providing service to the community, and with a focus on peace education.  May Sands Montessori School has the distinction of being the first charter school in Monroe County, established in 1997 by a group of dedicated parents eager to bring Maria Montessori’s well-proven methods of education to the island. While the vast majority of Montessori schools throughout the country operate as private institutions, May Sands Montessori School does not charge tuition but relies on State funding, grants and donations to operate its programs. May Sands Montessori School will continue to thrive and grow, through the collective efforts of its staff, its families and the community at large. The May Sands Montessori School is a community-centered organization worth supporting.