Instructional Staff

Kristin DeKeyrel, Lower Elementary Guide, Osprey Class (6-9)

Send Kristin an Email Message  305-293-1400 ext. 53422

Jenni Franke, Early Secondary Guide, Blue Tang Class (12-15)

Send Jenni an Email Message   305-293-1400 ext. 53421

Katie Haas, Upper Elementary Guide, Sea Star Class (9-12)

Send Katie an Email Message   305-293-1400 ext. 53419

Alexis Dudley, Lower Elementary Guide, Mahi Class (6-9)

Send Alexis an Email Message  305-293-1400 ext. 53424

Sandy McCoy, Upper Elementary Guide, Reef Gecko Class (9-12)

Send Sandy an Email Message   305-293-1400 ext. 53420

Lindsey Reisz, Upper Elementary, and Early Secondary Science

Send Lindsey an Email Message 305-293-1400 ext. 53421

Natalie Sweeting, Teacher of Student Supports 

Send Natalie an Email Message 305-293-1400 ext. 53427

Suzanne Renouf, Primary Guide, Seahorse Class (5-6) 

Send Suzanne an Email Message 305-293-1400 ext. 53425

Glen Barr, Physical Education, all program levels (K-8)

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