and Kindergarten Contintent-a-Thon

You can sponsor students!

The Details

  • Each student will receive a list of spelling words (book of continents for Primary students) selected by their Classroom Guide and a sponsorship sheet.
  • Friends, neighbors and relatives (in town and out of town) – please pledge money based on how many words (continents for Kindergarten) are correctly spelled (or identified) on the test, or pledge a flat amount for the whole test. Each correct word (or continent) earns money for our school! 
  • Students have two weeks to study their words (or continents) and get pledges before test day. Students will take a test given by their Classroom Guide (on November 13, 2019) at the end of the two-week study period. 
  • Once the test is corrected, pledge money will be collected (pledge money collection dates November 13 – December 2, 2019).


Grand Prize: $200 to the class that raises the most money. Prize money will go toward class room supplies, improvements, or an academic field trip.

Student who raises the most money per class: $25 gift certificate to Amazon.com 

All participants will celebrate their accomplishments with an award ceremony & ice cream party!


  • OCTOBER 30, 2019 – words/book of continents go home
  • OCT. 30 through NOV. 13, 2019 – Study words/continents & get pledges
  • NOVEMBER 13, 2019 – test day and results announced – student will begin collecting pledge money!
  • DECEMBER 2, 2019 – Pledge money is due
  • DECEMBER 16, 2019 – awards and celebration at 2:45 P.M. in the school courtyard