May Review


Service Hour Opportunities:

  • Donate gel biodegradable soap
  • Install 2 screws into concrete (for soap dispenser) no supplies included
  • Clean classroom carpets (best done on Saturday or over a break- all materials included)
  • Sort Books in middle space of LE building
  • Clean the Chickee between 8:30 and 11:20- this needs to be done daily but we are glad to have you come whenever you are able

*Please contact me through Remind or email for service hours.

Osprey Classroom

Parent Handbook SY2019

Scholastic Book Club: Class Code P8TFK

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This year the Osprey class is doing a program called CHOICES from The Shelton Way. Shelton School describes their program as follows. “Choices addresses overall development of character in the child. Choices includes concepts and activities appropriate for children grades 1-3. Choices, a multisensory program developed at the Shelton School in Dallas, TX, teaches concepts that are required to have a solid foundation of moral character. Building on this foundation, it teaches social concepts and social skills needed for social competence. The result is a child who feels self-worth, has direction, and who is competent in his interactions with others.”