Classroom Expectations

On the first day of school, we started a conversation as a class about expectations in the classroom. We came up with agreements to keep our classroom safe and peaceful.

  1. Respect others
  2. Respect Materials
  3. Walk in the classroom

Families can help create and maintain a peaceful classroom by mirroring these expectations at home.

Classroom Photo Album

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Classroom Wishlist

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Classroom Snacks – Receive Service Hours

You can receive volunteer hours for the amount of time you spend shopping and the time it takes you to transport the item – please log your hours at the front desk. I do update the wish list based on upcoming needs so check it and help as you please.

Thank you!

Please note that state of Florida legislation requires all family members be cleared by the Monroe County School Board. PLEASE CLICK HERE to complete your volunteer application.

Lead Guide: Erin Henry 

Originally from Lancaster PA, when Erin first moved to Key West she worked as a Gymnastics Coach at the Key West Sports Academy. A graduate of James Madison University in Virginia with a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology, she has also completed her Montessori credentials at the San Diego Montessori Center for Teacher Education. Erin joined the May Sands Montessori School as a Lower Elementary Classroom Assistant in 2015, and  transitioned to the role of Kindergarten Lead Guide in 2019. She has always had a love of sports and physical activity – growing up Erin especially loved soccer and gymnastics, while now she enjoys getting on the water to paddle board and taking a good bicycle ride.                                     

Classroom Assistant: Pascale Davis



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