Step-by-Step Instructions

In keeping with the state of Florida legislation, the MCSD (Monroe County School District) requires all individuals that want to volunteer within the school must have a completed online VISA (Volunteers in School Activities) application and must agree to a background check before receiving approval to volunteer.

1. Volunteer Resource Speaker: Anyone who speaks during career days, etc., without compensation.
Resource speakers will generate volunteer hours, but are not subject to this policy.
2. Volunteer Visitor: Anyone who comes onto school property, but who is not assigned duties as a school
3. General Volunteer: Any non-paid person appointed by the School Board or its designee who performs
assigned duties that support the District’s students and staff. Volunteers may include, but are not limited
to, parents, guardians, community members, students and others who assist teachers or other members
of the school/District staff. This policy specifically excludes “outside tutors” to whom a student may be
referred for remediation and other assistance. The District makes no recommendation, endorsement, or
other representations regarding “outside tutors”; it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to
screen outside tutors.

The application will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Please see the following instructions to complete your volunteer application – ALL FAMILY VOLUNTEERS MUST COMPLETE ALL THREE (3) LINKS BELOW:

  1.  Complete the Volunteer Release Form – CLICK HERE
  2. Read the MCSD Volunteer Handbook – CLICK HERE. (You are required to “acknowledge” that you have read this when you complete the next step.)
  3. Complete your online VISA (Volunteers in School Activities) application – CLICK HERE. **IMPORTANT – Your VISA application must be completed in full to be processed, an incomplete application will become invalid**
  4. Click on ENROLLMENT and follow the directions then SUBMIT. ** SECURITY LEVEL – Select Level 1 unless otherwise advised**
  5. Click CONTINUE to complete your Demographic Information, click the box to ELECTRONICALLY SIGN your application, then click SAVE.
  6. Select “CLICK HERE to see what actions you are required to perform” and answer all 5 Security Questions, then click the box to ELECTRONICALLY SIGN your application, then click SUBMIT
  7. Select “CLICK HERE to see what actions you are required to perform” (again) to download a copy of your driver’s license – if you cannot do this, please bring your driver’s license to the school and ask for their assistance.
  8. LOG OUT, then email MSMS Front Office to let them know that your VISA application is complete. The school will review your application then contact the MCSD to request required background checks and final approval.

PLEASE NOTE: You are not approved to volunteer until you have received notification from the May Sands Montessori School front office.

QUESTIONS? Please contact the May Sands Montessori School Volunteer Coordinator:  Heather Linn at (305) 293-1400  Ext: 53418 or by email: [email protected]