Lead Guides: Jennifer Franke & Shannon Parks
Blue Tang Classroom


This year May Sands Montessori School made bulk purchases of school supplies for all students. Our Guides carefully selected the items specific to their program level, including individual periodical subscriptions, and we now have program-level supply fee information for families.

Early Secondary (grades 7 & 8) – $55/student


The Blue Tang class has their own blog – check it out: Blue Tang Blog

We have  been using IStation at school as an extra practice for reading/spelling and writing. This is a practice that can be done at home! Here are instructions for accessing IStation at home:

Go to www.istation.com

Type in Key West Montessori (you will be taken to a login page)



Agree to terms of use.. and then you are in!

NEXT: download  istation  by clicking the red icon in the top right corner

  • It gives you options for downloading on the iPad, or computer.. unfortunately it is not available for iphones.

Always check the assignments tab to see what assignments I have put in for her to practice!

***Check out http://www.goodreads.com for some great books to read.  You can search by genre or author.  They also give you the latest new releases in your favorite genre or author monthly.***


RESEARCH: Links to help you with citing your sources

Purdue’s Online Writing Lab

MLA help

APA help

Presentation on Citing Sources


You can also use the MLA Handbook, Write Source, and Writer’s INC. from the classroom library.