May Sands Montessori is excited to offer Summer Camp to the Key West community!

Camp is open to the public for children ages 6-12 years old.

Registration is $250 per week for the first camper.

$225 for each additional sibling.

Dates Below:

June 3-7: LARP 1 Duvalian Daze

Thanks to our heroes, the realm has been set back to normal…or has it? There have been strange happenings, but is that really that strange? Choose your character, form an adventuring party, and Quest like the heroes of old!

June 17-21: Sci-Fi Galaxies Rebel

Space. The final frontier. Join a crew and explore the far distant stars and planets of untold galaxies! Will you work for the Starfleet and create the United Federation, or embrace the Dark Side and lead the Sith to Galactic conquest? The choices are yours to help make and shape the future of humanity among the stars! Students encouraged to bring their own Nerf style toys for the camp.

June 24-28: Pirate Camp: Nelson’s Revenge

Ahoy Maties! Join instructor Mr. Kevin and form a pirate crew, exploring the open world of the Caribbean! Will you work for the various Governments running the Spanish Main or go Pirate and seek your own fortune? Compete in the pirate Olympics and seek out other famous pirates on your quest to be the best pirates the Caribbean has ever known!

July 8-12: Super Hero Camp: Sidekicks and Henchmen

Things have gone wrong in Super City! All the heroes and villains have suddenly gone missing! As the last super-powered people left, the Sidekicks must find out where the heroes went, all while foiling the plots of the remaining Henchmen. Choose your powers, form a super-group, and go on missions to save the day!

July 22-26: LARP 2 Wyrd Tymes

Magic is behaving very strangely, refugees are flooding into the land, and there are rumors of a dragon coming to burn down all of the villages! Choose your character, form an adventuring party, and Quest like the heroes of old!

· Ages 6-12

· Instructors: Kevin Lisinski & Mariana Garankich

· Location: May Sands Montessori School, 1400 United St., Key West

Camp begins at 9:00am and ends at 3:30pm

Students will need to bring lunch, snack, and a reusable water bottle.