Committee Information for MSMS Families

Per your MSMS Family-School Commitment…

… participation on one (1) committee is a requirement for each family at May Sands Montessori School

Charter School Committees are appointed by the Charter Board President, with the approval of the Charter Board of Directors, and are responsible for carrying on the functions of the Corporation. The Charter Board President and the Principal are standing members of all committees. Corporation members (parents and guardians of Charter School students) are required to serve on one (1) committee per school year.

**MSMS Families please note: If you do not select your committee preference by October 31, you will be assigned a committee on November 1.**

Bylaws Committee

  • Every four (4) years or at such time that the President deems it appropriate, he or she shall appoint a Bylaws Committee to make such recommendations for any changes that are deemed as necessary. Such recommendations are submitted, if possible, for Board approval prior to the January Corporation Meeting; and, in any event, no later than prior to the May Corporation meeting.

Community Cultivation Committee

  • Formerly the Hospitality Committee, the Community Cultivation Committee is responsible for organizing events that build community within our school. (Eg: Pot Luck Gatherings, Annual Monster Mash Family Dance Party.)

Enrichment & After Care Committee

  • With a focus on developing creative programming, whether during school or during aftercare, the Enrichment & After Care Committee helps connect our students with the arts in a variety of ways and provides opportunities to learn new skills. Families that have connections with our arts community are encouraged to participate in this committee.

Finance Committee

  • The Finance Committee shall be composed of, but not limited to, the Treasurer of the Charter Board, one other Board member, and one other Corporation member. This committee shall be responsible for preparing, in conjunction with the Staff Committee, the annual budget for presentation to the Board no later than the April Board meeting (first Board meeting), and making recommendations regarding financial matters of the School.

Fundraising Committee

  • The Fundraising Committee shall be responsible for planning school fundraising events, reviewing proposals for fundraising, and evaluating fundraising events. The Fundraising Committee makes recommendations to the Principal and the Board of Directors for approval of school fundraising activities.

Grants Committee

  • The Grants Committee shall seek out and apply for grants from external agencies. The Grants Committee makes recommendations to the Principal and the Board of Directors for approval of such grants.

House & Grounds Committee

  • The House & Grounds Committee shall be responsible for the maintenance and renovation of the School under recommendations of the Principal and approval of the Board of Directors.

Planning & Development Committee

  • The Planning & Development Committee shall consist of, but not limited to, one (1) Board member, two (2) non-Board members, and a Director/Directress. The committee shall be responsible for researching and reporting to the Board current and long-term financial planning, including but not limited to, building maintenance and repair, expansion, enrollment and staffing strategies.

Public Relations Committee

  • The Public Relations Committee shall be responsible for promoting the school in a positive manner to the community at large.


Staff Committee: Board President & Executive Board Members

  • The Staff Committee shall consist of the Board President and any other members of the Executive Committee. The Board President may appoint up to two (2) Board members to the Staff Committee. The Committee shall be responsible for making recommendations to the Board regarding the hiring and dismissal of all contractual staff. The Staff Committee may initiate advertising for vacancies and interview job applicants for contractual staff positions. Board members shall be given the opportunity to interview applicants for contractual positions.