School Family Handbook

Thank you for choosing the May Sands Montessori School as your choice in education. The success of our school begins with a personal commitment to living the core values of respect for self, others, and the environment. It is through our partnership with each other that we provide a safe and nurturing environment to work and learn together. May your experience with May Sands Montessori School be enriching and rewarding.

This manual contains the policies and procedures of the May Sands Montessori School. The school’s governing body delegates authority to the school’s principal to develop administrative procedures and policies for approval by the charter board. Administrative procedures shall be consistent with the adopted policies and Federal/State law and shall describe the manner in which those policies are to be implemented. The principal shall recommend appropriate administrative procedures to the charter board for adoption.

Administrative procedures shall be available electronically on the School’s website, and printed copies shall be maintained in the School Office.

MSMS School Family Handbook