Manatee Classroom

Welcome to the Manatee Class!

Lead Guide: Ms. Kate Barrow

Growing up in New York, Ms.Kate moved to the Dutch side of Sint Maarten in 2002.  From 2002-2019 she taught various subjects and age groups from PreKindergarten to Medical Students on the island. Ms. Kate was the Directress of the Upper Elementary Program at the St. Maarten Montessori School for 10 years and spent the last year as the Lead Guide of the U.E. Sea Star Class here at May Sands Montessori School. With a Masters of Science in Education and her Montessori Elementary II credentials from the American Society of Montessori, Kate has worn many hats in her lifetime and says she is “looking forward to sharing these experiences along with… sparking joy and a love of learning within each student.”


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