What time does school start?  8:15 A.M.

What time can I drop my child off?  Between 7:45 A.M and 8:15 A.M. (Please note: if you drop your child off AFTER 8:15 A.M, you must bring them to the front office and sign them in.)

What time does the school day end?  3:15 P.M.

What if I need to pick up my child early? As a courtesy to our classroom communities, students shall not be released within the final 30 minutes of the school day except in case of an emergency. We highly recommend that you email your child’s Lead Guide (teacher) ahead of time. You will be required to sign-out your child at the front desk.

How late can I pick my child up?  Dismissal is from 3:15 P.M to 3:30 P.M. (Please note: if you arrive AFTER 3:30 P.M your child will automatically go to After School Care and you will be charged the daily fee.)

Who can pick up my child?  Only individuals that are listed on your child’s Authorized Pick Up List for the current school year. (Need to complete the form?)

What time is Early Dismissal?  Early dismissal is 12:00 P.M. Pick up time is 12:00 P.M. to 12:15 P.M. After School Care is normally available on early dismissal days, however, we advise you to check with the front desk. (Please note: if you arrive AFTER 12:15 P.M your child will automatically go to After School Care and you will be charged the daily fee.)

What are the After School Care hours and fees?  After School Care is from 3:30 P.M to 5:30 P.M SHARP. Fees are $12 per day pre-paid or $15 a day to be paid at the time of pick up. Weekly and sibling discounts apply. For more information and to register for After School Care PLEASE CLICK HERE

Is there a school supplies list?  No, school supplies are provided by the school and you will be billed for these items. We are able to purchase in bulk at a very discounted price that we pass on to the MSMS families.

Why does the school fund-raise if it is a public school offering free education? As a public charter school, we do not receive the same federal funding that a traditional public school receives. Typically we only receive 80% of the needed funds to operate, therefore we need to bridge that gap through fundraising activities.

Why do I have to complete a volunteer application? Before any individual can have campus access for any activity – teacher conferences, student events, volunteering tasks – the Monroe County School District (MCSD), in line with the Florida state legislation for school security, requires everyone to complete the volunteer application process & under-go a background check. To be in compliance with this state legislation, nobody is approved to access the school campus until this process is completed and approval status has been granted by the MCSD.

Can I give money & donate items in lieu of completing service hours? No. The school is not allowed to offer volunteer service hours for money &/or items donated. However we will honor the time it takes you to shop and deliver the items to the school, this is normally no more than 1 hour – please verify the amount of time you can log with the school’s front office.