Teachers change the lives of millions of children every day, and their work and impact extend far beyond the boundaries of the classroom.  They play a pivotal role in our children’s lives, inspiring a lifelong love of learning and discovery and making a difference in their well-being and long-term success.  Let’s show our thanks and gratitude to these stellar educators all week long.

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week and School Nurse Appreciation Day, the Parent Involvement Committee planned several activities: smoothies on Monday morning, yoga Monday afternoon, cranial massage on Tuesday, an all-staff luncheon on Wednesday, take-home dinners on Thursday, coffee & croissants Friday morning, and mini massages Friday afternoon.  Please take a few minutes to see the Sign-Up sheets, below and determine how you can contribute to the celebration.

In addition, there are sign-ups for each class and educational support staff as well.  These are designed from questionnaires answered by teachers to help guide us to gift them with their favorite things.

We are also celebrating Nurse Appreciation Day on Wednesday, May 8.   Find a sign up for Ms. Renee in the Educational Support Staff Sign Up.  If you don’t see your child’s teacher or assistant in the sign-up, please do not exclude them.  I am sure they want to know they are appreciated as well.

There’s not much time, do not hesitate.  Let’s all come together in what ways we can to make sure our teachers and staff at May Sands Montessori know we support and appreciate them.

PLEASE NOTE:  We were unable to gather wish lists for Coach Glen and Ms. Brooke (Sea Star Classroom Assistant).  These teachers have been great assets to our school so please do not forget them.

Teacher Appreciation Week Sign Up



Seahorse Teacher Gift Sign Up



Osprey Teacher Gift Sign Up



Mahi Teacher Gift Sign Up



Reef Gecko Gift Sign Up



Sea Star Teacher Gift Sign Up



Blue Tang Teacher Gift Sign Up



Instructional Support Staff Staff Gift Sign Up (Nurse Renee, Ms. Natalie, Ms. Heather)



Thank you,

Jennifer Heffinger

Parent Involvement Committee