From Parents for Charter Schools…

While they may not acknowledge it, kids thrive on routines and consistency. In fact, predictability helps kids feel safe. They know what to expect and what’s expected of them. This is especially true during these times of uncertainty as the pandemic continues to impact nearly every aspect of our lives.

Routines also make parenting easier. Parents make hundreds of decisions every day. That’s exhausting. Routines can help take the stress out of some of those decisions – especially when it’s critical to stay aware of current situations that help keep families safe and healthy.

Here are some ideas to help lessen the stress of your morning routine:

Wake Up Early

A little extra time is a great cushion for those unexpected morning hiccups.  And remember, wake-up is directly related to bedtime, especially for children.

Get It Done the Night Before

Plan ahead. Make lunches, set out clothing, plan breakfast, charge your devices, and have homework packed and ready to go. Teach children to prepare for the next day. They will learn a very important life skill – time management.

Designate a place for the things you’ll need the next day – backpacks, electronics, keys. You’ll save time and avoid running around the house the next morning looking for what they need.

Have a Checklist 

Create checklists for yourself and your child. It will help get you out the door with less stress and everything you need for the day.

Having some time to relax before school lets kids – and parents – decompress. This results in better focus and can increase learning outcomes for students.