Published On: September 16, 2017

The anticipated re-entry has been established, though it sounds like restoration of power and water are still a work in progress.  I understand that many of us are far from home and while we are eager to be back, reports from those that are there of what awaits us doesn’t sound like an optimum environment; a lack of potable water and intermittent power are two reasons to consider timing your return.  The plan remains for school staff to report to work on Thursday (9/21 – Peace Day), and our first day of class will be Monday, September 25th. Although re-entry for residents in the Lower Keys begins Sunday, I am not planning to return until Tuesday – provided restoration of utilities continues to improve.  Some families and staff may not be able to return to their homes – the superintendent acknowledged this in our principals’ phone conference and said we would need to be considerate of those who remain displaced.  If upon returning to the Keys you find that your home is not habitable, please let me know.  The superintendent has asked principals to provide updates on estimates of staff and families who may need alternative housing support.  Our next conference call is set for Monday @ 2:00.


I will continue to provide updates, and I ask that everyone please refer to the information on for any assistance needs.