Published On: April 18, 2017

One of the main reasons we advocate for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) awareness this month is to emphasize the importance of understanding and acceptance.  People with ASD learn, communicate, and behave in ways that are different from most other people1, and learning how to make connections that support positive interactions is a win-win for everyone!


Community Outreach Event

Our Open House takes place tomorrow (Wednesday, 19 April) from 5:30-6:30 on for prospective families and for those families making the transition to the next program level.  Please share the event with your network of friends with school-aged children:

Photos this Thursday

Bert Budde will be on campus this Thursday morning to photograph those students who were absent for school photos earlier this year.  We’d also like to have Bert take photos of students who have participated in extracurricular sports in our community.  If your student participated in AYSO soccer, club soccer, hockey, lacrosse, recreational league softball or baseball, travel softball or baseball, Bone Island Swim Team, or any other community organized sport, please have them bring their jersey or shirt in this Thursday for group photos. Our May Sands Montessori yearbook will be produced throughout the next month and is a great way to memorialize the school year.  We source our yearbooks from Tree Ring and the cost is $35.00 which includes two free customizable pages for families to fill with their own photos.

Papio Presentation

Local artist Steve Linden will be on campus @ 3:30 this Thursday for an hour-long workshop to spark student interest in participating in this year’s Papio’s Kinetic Parade (6 May @ noon). Students who would like to participate in this event will need to be picked up by 4:30 in order not to be charged for extended school day care.

*Ms. Bria is still collecting clean, recycled items for use during the pre-parade workshop which will take place the morning of the event (10:00-12:00).  Students may bring items to the Art Room any time up to 4 May.  In addition to typically recycled items, Ms. Bria also welcomes washers, nuts & bolts, screws, and any other items from which students may create works of art.

Update on Mrs. Jamie & PE

Many thanks to those families who offered support in preparing meals for our PE Teacher, Mrs. Jamie; we have suspended the meals at this time, however.  Mrs. Jamie was readmitted to the hospital but remains in good spirits. We all wish her a speedy recovery!  Students will have special juggling lessons with Mr. Bounce & Mrs. Karen in PE for the next week, and we are in the process of securing a long-term sub in Mrs. Jamie’s absence.

Important Information for Current 6th Year Families

The Roosevelt Sands Clinic (1100 Simonton St, Key West) is extending their hours each Wednesday until 6:20 to get all of our 6th grade students ready for their 7th grade shot requirements. The students will get their Tdap which is required for entry into 7th grade.  There is never an out of pocket expense, even if you have insurance.  Call the clinic to make your appointment: (305) 293-7500 Families may call Mrs. Renee (293.1400, ext. 53428) with any questions.

Earth Day Reminder & Update

We hope that many of you will be able to join us as we celebrate Earth Day this Friday, April 21, 2017, with a special Flag Raising ceremony beginning @ 8:30.  Students should have completed their Endangered Species research and should be working on the last steps of their project at home.

This message comes from Ms. Gabriela, who has been leading the BlueGreen club:

During our Earth Day school celebration the BlueGreen club will have a “Nature Conservation” table, where families can get information on how to support conservation efforts of endangered, threatened, and vulnerable species, through donations and/or “adoption” of animals or forests (habitat). We won’t be giving out brochures (in order to save paper) but we will show you different conservation options that you may take a picture of to get all the details you’ll need in order to sign up for these Earth-loving efforts.

We are providing a sneak peak at the conservation links today, and have an incentive for signing up before our school celebration: families who show us a confirmation email of their donation or volunteer commitment on Friday (on your phone please, NO printouts) will receive a free gift made by the ecology club students.

  1. Critically endangered Burmese Roofed Turtle. Only 5 known females living in the wild!!   🙁

  1. Conserve forest in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest through Forest Fund. Our school is already conserving one hectare of rainforest with this organization but you can also support this cause as a family:
  1. Support our local Dolphin Research Center in Grassy Key so they may continue to do research for rescue and conservation:
  1. “Adopt” a turtle at The Turtle Hospital in Marathon:
  1. Donate to The Nature Conservancy, in order to support clean water and land, both essential to wildlife health and survival:
  1. Adopt an animal with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF):
  1. American Bird Conservation. Donations made to ensure the wellbeing of many endangered species, nationally and worldwide:
  1. To sponsor the rescue, rehabilitation and release of wildlife at our local Key West Wildlife Center click on:
  1. Volunteer or donate to our local Key West Sea Turtle Club who work so hard during Sea Turtle Nesting Season to ensure successful nesting and hatching of these amazing creatures: Please contact Denise Bohlig-Capone at [email protected]

Recycling and Waste Management Tips

These tips come from our friend Ms. Dee Dee Green, Education Outreach Coordinator for the City of Key West:

  • When recycling remember, No Plastic Bags!  They tear up the recycling equipment.  You can recycle all your plastic bags with local grocery stores!
  • Never place your Yard Waste in Plastic Bags; always leave them loose in a Can or put them in a Paper Bag!
  • Waste Management has a local customer service number (305-296-8297)  for scheduling Bulky Waste Pickup (items too large for your garbage cart), and you can call them for a missed pickup!