Published On: December 13, 2016

With the hustle of the holiday season upon us, I would like to everyone to take a moment and reflect on the importance of cultivating peace; it starts within us, and is a choice.  As adults, we have the responsibility to help our students recognize the connection between choice and consequence in a nurturing and authentic manner. When we acknowledge our work toward peace in our lives, we are serving as models for our students. Taking time for personal reflection allows us the opportunity to tune in to our emotional state before choosing action. Thank you for your help in supporting our students’ personal development.


Nutcracker School Performance

Our school will attend a special performance of the Key West Nutcracker tomorrow, beginning @ 12:15. We will have an early lunch, and have made arrangements with our school lunch program through Key West High School as well as our neighbors @ the MARC Rainbow Café to have lunches ready for delivery @ 11:00.  Thanks for helping ensure your student wears closed toed shoes and appropriate attire for tomorrow’s field trip.  The cost of this trip is $10/student, but we do not want anyone to miss out on the trip; there are sponsorship funds available for families experiencing a financial hardship – please contact Ms. Lynn privately by tomorrow morning.


School STEM Fair – Tomorrow!

Our 4th & 5th year Upper Elementary students will host a viewing of their Science Fair projects tomorrow from 9:00 – 10:30, and from 6:00 – 8:00 for our 6th year and Early Secondary students.  All students have been working on these projects for a while, and they appreciate being able to share their work – stop by if you are able!


Contract of Commitment

This is the midpoint of the school year and a good time to review the progress toward fulfilling your commitment as a member of our charter school family.  In addition to attending parent conferences and All-School meetings, families are responsible for completing at least 25 hours of service, annually, to support the school.  Please take a moment in this next week to review the hours we have on file for your family, and make a plan to ensure completion of the commitment by 28 April.


Supply funds

This year we made school supply purchases for consumable materials appropriate for each student’s program level. If you have not yet paid for your student’s fees, please take a moment to do so with Ms. Pam in our office.  Payment for school supplies can also be made by placing an envelope marked with your student’s name and the amount included in the gray lockbox in our front office. Checks should be made payable to May Sands Montessori School.

  • Primary (Kindergarten) – $20/student
  • Lower Elementary (grades 1-3) – $35/student
  • Upper Elementary (grades 4-6) – $45/student
  • Early Secondary (grades 7 & 8) – $55/student

School Photos

Our students’ school photos were distributed yesterday.  If you ordered your student’s photos but have not yet received them, please contact Ms. Tonia, in our front office.



Bake Sale & PJ Party

Ms. Jenni is hosting a bake sale after school on Wednesday as a fundraiser for her travel expenses to attend the Montessori conference.  While our Charter Board allocates fundraising dollars toward conference expenses such as registration and hotel stay, each attendee is responsible for her travel expenses. Bake sales and PJ parties are two ways in which members of staff work toward covering their travel expenses. Thanks for helping support our staff in their professional development efforts.