Published On: September 11, 2017

I’m sharing the Superintendent’s informative post, regarding the most recent update. It appears that water leaks and electrical outages will be the first areas of repair needed to our island, once the debris is cleared.

We will have more information regarding the reopening of school as soon as we know the extent of the water and electrical damage. Until then, stay safe and in touch!

1) Resources are on the way! There are a tremendous amount of resources coming to the Keys beginning tomorrow morning. Right now roads and runways are being cleared to allow these resources to arrive by air and by land. It’s all coming as quick as they can mobilize the resources. Keep in mind that right now we are really only 12 hours post a direct hit from a Cat 4 hurricane. Things are happening quickly. Tomorrow morning we will see a lot of things start to happen.
2) Patience. The thing that can complicate the recovery process the most is interrupting the sequence of events that must take place. DO NOT attempt to return to the Keys at this time. Be patient. Let the first responders, emergency medical personnel, FDOT personnel, etc. get in and make the preparations necessary so that the rest of us can return just a little later. Whatever damage has been done (and in many cases it appears to be less than anticipated) it won’t get any worse waiting another couple of days. We all need to wait for the proper instructions for our return. It is not going to be tomorrow (Monday) and probably not Tuesday either. Just wait for the instructions from Monroe County Emergency Management. They are blocking off the 18 mile stretch and Card Sound Road so even if you try to get back you’ll simply have to stop and find lodging in Homestead. Probably not as nice a spot as you are currently in. Be patient.

Key West – For the first time since early this morning City Manager Jim Scholl was on the conference call! His comments were pretty positive and optimistic – flooding less than Wilma, water is an issue (Aqueduct is aware of the problem and will send crews out tomorrow to repair leaks, but need to have emergency medical services available first), crews are being sent out to check and clear US 1 up as far as MM 34 (where it is known there is a significant pole across the road) and another reported washout at MM 29. Key West airport has water on the runway but no apparent damage (this is good news for resources coming by air).

Big Pine / Marathon – Still not on the conference call, but there has been limited communication with Sheriff Ramsey who is at the MHS refuge. The airport there may require more work with debris, but it is a top priority. Marathon and Big Pine appear to be some of the hardest hit areas. No “eyes on” intel from Big Pine at this time.