Published On: June 27, 2017

School Board Approves Facility Lease

Our school’s long-term, 15-year lease was unanimously approved at tonight’s School Board meeting in Key West.  The Superintendent and members of the Board offered their congratulations on the accomplishment.  Details of the lease include increasing the facility enrollment cap to 225 and providing for a right of first refusal to lease the land where the current 400 building sits, once it is removed. Many thanks to our Facility Task Force for their focused efforts on engendering progress; the task force met after school to develop a targeted plan that included in-person meetings, phone calls, and electronic messages to members of our district school board, urging their support for reaching an agreement. These are the members of our Task Force, whose hard work paid off today:

Briana Castillo, Elisa Levy, Cricket Desmarais, Derek Norman, Jane Broadway, Jessica Prescott, Doreen Eppy, Chad Will, and Kalina Elenkov


Standardized Test Results

The school district’s Director of Assessment responded, today, with the anticipated arrival of individual student test results to district headquarters; delivery of hard copies is expected to schools next week.  On a related note, Stanford Test scores for students in Kindergarten through Grade 2 arrived at school yesterday afternoon.  Families are welcome to stop by the school office anytime between 9 and 1 Tuesday – Thursday to pick up test results.


School Yearbooks

We have student yearbooks in office for those families who ordered their books by 31 May.  Be sure to stop by and pick up your student’s memory book!


Call to Action

Advertisements and networking with Montessori outlets continue as we seek to fill the vacancy in our Lower Elementary Lead Guide position.  The biggest challenge preventing candidates from committing to our school has been a lack of affordable housing; we’ve lost four candidates – two in the past few weeks – due to the high cost of housing in the Lower Keys.  I appreciate everyone’s support in broadcasting the advertisements listed on our ‘Instructional Staff’ page:


Summer Service Hours

Ms. Tonia has a list of projects for families who are interested in completing part of their annual service hour requirement; all families are required to complete 25 hours in service to the school before May, annually.  Stop by, give Ms. Tonia a call: 305.293.1400, ext. 53418 or send her a message: [email protected].


Montessori Community Milestone

I appreciate everyone’s help in supporting our tuition-free Montessori school. We are entering our 20th year of operation, with the start of the 2018 School Year, and that is certainly a testament to our value in the Key West community. I feel privileged to have worked with this school since it first opened, and am in awe of the accomplishments of our alumnae.  We have a very special school, and it takes a caring community to keep moving us forward.  Thank you for putting your hand in and giving your support!