Published On: July 26, 2017

Campus Tidy-Up Saturday

We have our first Campus Tidy Up set for this Saturday, from 9-12; the main focus is taking out the weeds that have grown around campus.  Helping hands will need to bring a pair of gardening gloves, and remember to bring a reusable water bottle and wear sun protection.

*Double service hours apply*

We also have a few painting projects that can be completed outside of regular office hours – please contact Ms. Tonia to schedule your service.

Staffing Update

I am happy to announce that I will be meeting with a candidate for the Lower Elementary position on Sunday and Monday; Cortney Kuzma has five years lead teaching experience in, both, Lower and Upper Elementary Montessori education, and three years of assistant teaching in the Upper Elementary environment.  Her purpose for the visit is to determine the feasibility of moving here, so if any families have affordable housing information to share, please contact me before Sunday.

Ms. Jenni, Ms. Katie, and I have had productive meetings with potential candidates for our other open positions, and we are wrapping up the review process.  I look forward to announcing our new members of staff very soon!

Back to School Shopping

Florida Legislature has renewed the ‘Tax-free Shopping’ weekend, which takes place August 4-6th.  Families can learn more about the statewide event by visiting this link: Please note that school supplies will be purchased in bulk by the school again this year; this includes all paper, pencils, notebooks, glue, and all consumable student supplies. fees per program level are as follows:

  • Primary (Kindergarten) – $20/student
  • Lower Elementary (grades 1-3) – $35/student
  • Upper Elementary (grades 4-6) – $45/student
  • Early Secondary (grades 7 & 8) – $55/student