Published On: October 6, 2017

I received some good news regarding our missed educational days – because our school has a higher number of instructional hours than the state mandate – even with our planned early dismissal days, students at May Sands Montessori School will not need to restore additional instructional days to this year’s calendar!  We will need to preserve our remaining school days, however, so thanks for helping ensure your student maintains regular attendance.

Campus Tidy-up

Families that join House & Grounds Chairperson Craig Reynolds at school tomorrow between 9 and 12 will earn double service hours for their help!  Here is a list of the projects, which have been prioritized:

  1. Install tree collar to stop iguanas from climbing the mahogany tree in the community garden – we have salvaged some of the aluminum from our fence, which can serve as material to create the collar.

*This job requires work gloves, as the aluminum has sharp edges

  1. Repair Seminary Street gate – the hasp pulled away from the wood, due to storm winds

*This job requires a power screwdriver – we do not currently have one.

  1. Install large green tarp on Chickee – Mrs. Suzanne has loaned us her tarp

*This job requires a very tall ladder and at least two people

  1. Install flagpole at front of courtyard – cement is in the janitor’s closet
  2. Hang shade sails in the back part of the courtyard (to cover picnic tables)
  3. Fill basketball hoop base with water – the cover is missing – troubleshooting a solution to keep mosquito larvae out is appreciated!
  4. Wash classroom windows outside
  5. Plant groundcover shrubs along front fence (inside the campus fence)
  6. Install shelf brackets at the outdoor sink area

*This job requires a power screwdriver with a cement drill bit.

  1. Install opaque film on bottom section of glass in building 200 – the middle office space.

Our Community Cares

The Monroe County School District continues to provide resources for students and their families who have been displaced by Hurricane Irma, and they have created an informative letter (attached).  If your family continues to be displaced in a hotel, motel, campground, or is sharing housing with others, you may qualify for support.  Our district has asked each of its schools – charters as well – to serve as ambassadors of support to help refer affected families to additional services as needed.  We are here for you, if you need to lean on us.  Please reach out to any member of staff with whom you feel comfortable talking to, and we will help get you connected.

Our staff met on Wednesday and decided to help families who might need help paying their student’s supply fees.  I created a fundraising campaign that is currently posted to our school’s website as well as on social media: While we were fortunate to have minimal damage, we need to remain mindful of our annual fundraising needs.  Our special school relies on monetary donations from fundraising events and the Annual Fund campaign to bridge the gap in State funding. This is a link to our Annual Fund campaign:

Monster Mash

Our school community has a tradition of celebrating fun in October with a family friendly potluck and dance party, and our friends the Super Coopers are getting their costumes ready for this year’s event! The 7th annual Monster Mash takes place from 6-8 on Monday, October 30th at our outdoor area.  Sign up to bring a dish:

Extended Day Care

We are so excited to announce that aftercare Clubs will begin next week, October 10th! All clubs are 4:00-5:00 PM and are preceded by a healthy snack. Here is the schedule:


BlueGreen Club with Ms. Gabriela and Ms. Zurima (Grades 2-8)


Running Club with Ms. Amy Bradshaw (all grades)

Gardening Club with Ms. Rachel & Ms. Gabriela (all grades)


Theater Club with Ms. Rachel (Grades 1-6)

Capoeria with Ms. Zurima (all grades)


Fun Friday – Movie, games and popcorn!

Aftercare rates apply. The prepaid price is $12 per day. Drop-in rate is $15. Please contact Ms. Rachel for more information.