Published On: January 23, 2018

National School Choice Week

This week we celebrate choice in education.  Families have many choices when selecting an education provider, and we are honored you have chosen May Sands Montessori School for your student!  It is an added responsibility to commit to a charter school, for all stakeholders: parents, students, and staff.  The greatest benefit I have realized from being a part of this school is witnessing how the authenticity of each person’s commitment contributes to the betterment of our programming.  It is through acts of service, by word of mouth, and because of generous donations that tuition-free Montessori education continues to be made possible in Key West.


Service Hours

This is another friendly reminder to record your service hours! Ms. Tonia has a list of service projects for families who have not yet completed their annual 25-hour requirement.  Ms. Tonia will send a summary of your family’s commitment at the end of the month.


Fundraising Meeting Tomorrow!

The Fundraising Committee will meet tomorrow morning after arrivals under the Chickee (8:30).  Come learn how you can help with our upcoming events. As a reminder: five of each family’s annual service hour commitment must be in support of fundraising efforts.


All-School Meeting

Our second important All-School meeting of the year will take place tomorrow, January 24th @ 6:00 pm. As a reminder: May Sands Montessori School families are required to attend at least two All-School meetings, annually, to maintain their child’s enrollment. Our last All-School meeting takes place in May.

Blood Drive Fundraiser

We have a Blood Drive this Thursday (1/25/18) from 10-4.  Hosting regular blood drives benefits our community and May Sands Montessori as well; OneBlood gives our school $10 for each blood donor, and May Sands families who donate blood during our event will also earn two service hour points!

Romance & Belly Dance Fundraiser

Big thanks to Ms. Zurima and her mom Judith for organizing a FUNdriser for our school!  Romance and Belly Dance, a family-friendly event, will take place at the Studios of Key West on Sunday, February 4th from 2:00pm-4: 00 pm.  Our own Ms. Bria will host the show, and twenty dancers from across the nation will perform traditional and modern styles of belly dance inspired by the theme of love.  Parent and chef Layla Barr will feature a selection of hors-d’oeuvres, and the Studios’ cash bar will be open for refreshments. Purchase your seat today:

Support the BlueGreen Club

Our BlueGreen Club still has a few sets of Forest greeting cards for sale.  Please contact Ms. Gabriela directly or via email: [email protected] to purchase your cards. Each packet of 6 cards is $20.  All proceeds support rainforest conservation and reforestation in the Brazilian Amazon, as well help us fund projects to make our school greener 😊

School Lunch

The free school meals option will end next week, January 31, 2018, but families who continue to be affected by the aftermath of Hurricane Irma can be supported in these ways:

  • Families that requested Disaster Food Stamps are automatically qualified to receive free meals through the remainder of this school year.
  • Families may now qualify for free meals through the rest of the school year, if:
  • they are living with relatives or friends, they are considered homeless and need to fill the residency form and automatically qualify
  • their household income has changed in a negative way

All families should fill out an application online, and those who have had a change in status should reapply:

7-mile Bridge Run

All students attending Monroe County School District schools are eligible to participate in the 37th Annual 7-mile Bridge Run, which takes place Saturday, April 14th @ 7:20 am. Our school has applications for students, only, and we will mail all completed applications this Friday morning, 26 January.  Forms are available in our school office.