Published On: September 27, 2018

Upcoming Events

9/28 Pizza Friday Fundraiser, Early Dismissal 12:00
9/28 Family Conferences – LE, Reef Gecko, ES 1-4
9/28 May Sands Family Social @ Dante’s 4-7

Family Conferences

Family conferences take place twice, yearly, to share student progress in our program. The staff sets aside 25-minute sessions for each student’s family. Individual class links are available within the school’s website calendar, or follow this link to  select your conference time and date:

Seeking Volunteers

We need parent volunteers to be active on the following committees:

  • Fundraising, meets Tuesdays @ 8:30 a.m. in the Science Room
  • Public Relations, meetings TBA
  • Staff Committee, meetings called as needed
  • Finance Committee, meetings TBA
  • Planning & Development, meetings TBA
  • Parent Involvement, meetings TBA
  • Bylaws, meetings TBA
  • House & Grounds, meetings TBA
  • Hospitality, meetings TBA
Our school is in need of volunteers during the school day, for lunch and recess, and we’re offering a service hour for each family who completes the registration process, too, in the hopes of getting more volunteers!
Directions are listed on our website: 
Click this link to begin/complete the district’s volunteer registration process:

Parents who have flexible schedules should consider becoming a substitute – our school and our greater island community need reliable support during staff absences.   Individuals interested in exploring this opportunity will need to speak with Ms. Pam in our office for more information on how to qualify: 305.293.1400, ext. 53429

New Family Survey

Families new to May Sands Montessori school are invited to take this short survey:

School Family Social

Come to Dante’s this Friday for our first family social of the school year!
Swim, dine and dance
September 28th 4-7PM
20% proceeds go back to our school

Fun-day Mondays @ Turtle Kraals

Magician and May Sands Montessori class Turtle Races
Mid-monthly starting Oct 15th, 6-8PM
10% proceeds go back to our school

Reminder: Ukulele Club Saturday 10:00 a.m. @ the Grateful Guitar 1075 Duval Street

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Community Event

Bikram Yoga is offering a class for children and parents Mondays 4-5pm beginning October 1st, 2018
Little Keys Yoga (LKY) is a series of yoga classes designed for parents and youth ages 5-11. Through the practice of physical postures and mindful moments, LKY provides the tools for enhancing the “Big Keys” (or Big C’s): Consciousness, concentration, and compassion, all of which cultivate and deepen one’s relationship to the Self as well as all beings in our “One Human Family.”


Pre-Pay and save!
One Month, 4 classes
$79 for two (one “big” key, one “little” key)
$10 per ANY additional key


$25 Drop-In for two (one big, one little)
$14 per ANY additional “key”

*All classes taught by Lauren Dean, Assistant Director, certified instructor and USA Yoga Federation coach. She is an educational and editorial professional with more than a decade of experience instructing and coaching middle, secondary and post-secondary students in writing and literature in the United States and abroad.

Follow this link to learn more: