Published On: January 27, 2018

Parent-Guide Conferences

It’s almost time for our second round of conferences! Be sure to reserve your time, below, and keep in mind that we have early release (noon dismissals) on the following dates: February 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th .  Child care is available beginning at noon, and families should make use of the lower-cost prepaid option. Make arrangements with Ms. Pam, today!

Seahorse Class:

Osprey Class:

Mahi Class:


Reef Gecko Class:

Blue Tang Class:


Conversations with FOCUS

During Wednesday’s meeting , shared the following link:  All parents of students in our Upper Elementary and Early Secondary programs should create their account so that they can regularly monitor their student’s academic progress. For students in grades 4 & 5: letter grades are a new concept, and are provided so that students can begin to understand the importance of attention to deadlines and quality of work. Families of 4th and 5th year students should consider their student’s letter grades as an aid to developing advanced scholarly habits.  Beginning in grade 6, student grades have consequences for their future academic profile, depending on their effort and ability.  Advanced courses in Math and English Language Arts are available in our Early Secondary program, and student eligibility for these classes depend – in part – on consistent academic achievement.  Similarly, maintaining effort and ability in our ES program is important for 7th and 8th year students so they can be eligible for appropriate-level courses when they transition to high school.

Regular monitoring of your student’s progress enables you to have timely conversations about their academic standing, which research has proven to be helpful in determining academic success (



Our school yearbook provider utilizes an online platform that enables customization and is gentle on the environment. Visit to learn more, and enter the following passcode to start creating your student’s memory book: 1012919022413728.  This is an alternate signup link:


House & Grounds Projects

  • Dispose of tables and items on back walkway of bldg. 100
  • Install 1 or 2 more collars on mahogany tree to keep iguanas off
  • Label and organize Bldg. 100 Library
  • All classrooms: carpets need cleaning (once a month, over a weekend)
  • Wash lunch tables
  • Brush artificial turf
  • Pull weeds in/outside of United Street fence
  • Paint small hallway (bldg. 100)
  • Install opaque film in Lower Elementary central work space
  • Remove old window a/c unit, patch, and paint wall (Lynn’s office)


Go Bananas Challenge

Ms. Gabriela and the BlueGreen Club are collecting old and broken cell phones for a special drive to conserve gorilla habitats in Africa: ‘Cell phones contain an ore called Coltan, which is mined in endangered gorilla habitat in Africa. Loss of habitat and hunting are serious threats to the gorillas future. Reducing the demand for Coltan will help save these animals and their habitat.’ (source:



Help raise money for your school AND improve your spelling skills!  Next Friday, each student will receive a list of spelling words (shapes for Kindergarten) selected by their Classroom Guide and a sponsorship sheet. Students will have two weeks to study their words (shapes) and get pledges before Spell-A-Thon test day.  Ask friends, neighbors and relatives (in town and out of town) if they will please pledge money based on a per-word basis, or a flat amount for the whole test. Students will take a written test given by their Classroom Guide at the end of the two-week study period. Each word spelled correctly earns money for our school! Once the test is corrected, you can collect your pledge money. Please return your envelope with your pledge money to your teacher by the designated date. Our Upper Elementary students are creating an online fundraising profile to share with potential sponsors – please check your email for details. Students in our Lower Elementary and Early Secondary programs can create an online profile as well:


Romance & Belly Dance 

Share the event:

This family-friendly event will take place at the Studios of Key West on Sunday, February 4th from 2:00pm-4: 00 pm.  Our own Ms. Bria will host the show, Ms. Zurima, her mom Judith, and a collection of dancers from across the nation will perform traditional and modern styles of belly dance inspired by the theme of love.  Parent and chef Layla Barr will feature a selection of hors-d’oeuvres, and the Studios’ cash bar will be open for refreshments. Purchase your seat today:


Great Gala: Save the Date

Our school’s signature fundraiser, The Great Gala, takes place Saturday, March 3, 2018 from 6:00 pm-11:00pm at the Lost Kitchen Supper Club on Stock Island. The event’s theme this year is a Speakeasy Shindig where Prohibition-era attire is encouraged. Tickets will be available beginning next Friday and will be discounted until February 15th :   $50.00 for Early Birds,  $75.00 after February 15th.  Your ticket price includes a welcome cocktail, dinner, entertainment, and 1 raffle entry.

The Fundraising Committee is seeking silent auction items! If you have a business (or know someone who does) and would like to donate an item or service, please contact our Chairperson: Jenn Stefanacci: [email protected]

A part of our Great Gala event includes a raffle of three prizes: a ‘Stay-cation’, a ‘Dine around Key West’, and a ‘Spa package’.  Each student will be responsible for selling a pack of ten raffle tickets – more information will follow!


Save the Date for these Fundraising events…

  • 2/2-2/16: Spell-a-Thon
  • 2/4: Romance & Belly Dance @ TSKW 2-4
  • 3/3: Rewards Shopping @ Fresh Produce 10-9
  • 3/3: Great Gala @ Lost Kitchen Supper Club 6-11

(Childcare available!)

  • 3/14: Wine Bingo @ Vino’s 7-8:30
  • 3/18: Irish Kevin’s 5K 9:00